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Wedding and Event Information

  1. How do I book my wedding or event and cruise?
    The best way to get started on your cruise wedding or event is to review the Crystal Cruises Worldwide Atlas or visit the website at crystalcruises.com to choose your cruise itinerary and sailing date. Carefully review all the details of your cruise. Next, contact your travel agent for cruise availability and a price quote. Once you have a tentative date in mind CLICK HERE to download the Crystal Cruises electronic brochure and review your options, then contact a Crystal Celebrations Consultant/Imagine VIP at 800/392-3472 to check availability for your event date and selected destination. The Crystal Celebrations Consultant can hold your wedding/event reservation for 72 hours while you finalize the details of your cruise. The courtesy hold will automatically cancel if payment for the wedding/event package is not made within the 72 hours.
  2. Who is Imagine VIP?
    Imagine VIP, is a premier global event-planning company, chosen by Crystal Cruises, to facilitate your special celebration with exacting detail. Experienced in creating hundreds of events all over the world, Imagine VIP’s Crystal Celebration Consultants are on hand to help design and create tailor-made events, fulfilling their promise to impress guests with singular, special touches and highly personalized service. You may reach a Crystal Celebration Consultant/Imagine VIP at 800/392-3472 or at Crystal@ImagineVIP.com.
  3. How far in advance do weddings or events need to be booked?
    Crystal Celebrations has a limited number of events per cruise. All events are booked based on availability. Once you have your date and destination in mind, we recommend that you book your cruise and event package to secure your date. Events must be booked no later than 45 days prior to sailing.
  4. How do I pay for the wedding or event?
    Once you book your cruise and have your booking number, your Crystal Celebrations Consultant can proceed with booking your wedding or event. The wedding package and marriage license fees (if applicable) must be paid in full at the time of booking. All additional upgrades can be booked and paid for up until 45 days prior to your cruise, but please keep in mind some services are limited and/or shipping time may be required. All prices and payments are in USD. Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP will accept official bank checks (personal checks are not accepted within 60 days), money orders and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa). Please note all pricing for event package inclusions, services and sales taxes are subject to change without notice.
  5. When is the wedding or event officially booked?
    A Crystal Celebrations Consultant will send you an informational package with specific details and pricing for the destination of the wedding/event. The packet includes special guidelines, marriage license procedures (if wedding), an event contract and additional order forms. The contract should be signed and received by your Crystal Celebrations Consultant within 72 hours of making the reservation to officially book the event with full payment on the event package.
  6. When are the wedding or event time and location assigned?
    Event times and locations are assigned according to the requirements of each event. Times and venues will be confirmed approximately 60 days prior to the sail date of your cruise. The type of reception/event purchased determines the length of time allotted for an event. In some ports, reception/event times may be limited. For more details, please check with a Crystal Celebrations Consultant.
  7. Once the event is booked, how are the details of the wedding or event planned?
    Crystal Celebrations Consultants encourage couples to contact them with questions or ideas at any time during the planning stage. It is the couple’s responsibility to submit all paperwork and purchase any additional upgrades 45 days prior to sailing. Once the Crystal Celebrations Consultant has received the final event paperwork, a final confirmation letter will be sent to the couple detailing all final arrangements for their review. The confirmation letter must be signed and returned to your Crystal Celebrations Consultant. An event cannot take place without receipt of the signed final confirmation letter.
  8. Does everyone need to be sailing to attend the cruise wedding or event?
    The bride and groom or guest of honor must be sailing to book a wedding or event with Crystal Celebrations. Both sailing and non-sailing guests are allowed to attend the event while the ship is docked in port. Due to security issues, some ports of call do not allow non-sailing guests on board, so please confirm the details on your specific port of call with a Crystal Celebrations Consultant.
  9. What type of special travel arrangements need to be arranged?
    It is important to discuss flight, hotel and transfer arrangements with your travel agent. If you are holding your event on the day of sailing, we strongly recommend you and your guests arrive at least one day prior to ensure a stress-free event. Look into Crystal Cruises Pre- and Post-Cruise Hotel Packages for more information. Please let a Crystal Celebrations Consultant know your hotel arrangements in case you need to be contacted. Keep in mind, Crystal Cruises’ transfer program may not be available from the hotel/airport to the ship due to the time constraints. All attendees with an event on the day of embarkation are requested to be at the cruise terminal by 11:00 a.m.
  10. Are there additional charges to have more guests attend the wedding or event?
    When purchasing an event package, all sailing guests are welcome and up to 10 non-sailing guests will be allowed to board the ship for the wedding ceremony only at no additional charge. Crystal Cruises will allow up to 75 non-sailing guests in most ports of call if they purchase a wedding or event reception; see the “Culinary Expertise” section of the brochure for additional details (please note, purchasing only a cake and champagne does not qualify as a reception). If you do decide to purchase a reception or have more than 25 guests, an additional wedding coordinator is required. For every additional 25 guests, an additional wedding coordinator is required at an additional charge. Non-sailing guests will be required to present a state-issued photo ID when boarding the ship and will need to disembark the ship following the reception. All guest lists must be typed and submitted no later than 45 days prior to the wedding, and changes will not be permitted after this time. Please review the guest list form in your information packet for Security requirements for guests.
  11. How will the guests board the ship?
    All event guests will receive priority boarding on the day of sailing. Wedding Coordinators will meet guests at the cruise terminal to assist in check-in and boarding once the ship gives clearance. Sailing guests need to hand-carry on board all event attire and other items needed for the event. Porters will require all other bags to be checked at the curb. The bags may not be delivered to the stateroom until after the ship sails. All non-sailing guests must be dressed and ready for the event.
  12. Are outside vendors allowed on board the ship?
    Due to heightened security, Crystal Cruises provides all professional services such as photographers, entertainment, food and beverage, cakes, fresh flowers, etc. No outside vendors and/or services are permitte
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  14. Where are the weddings and events normally held?
    Please note, at this time, legal onboard wedding ceremonies can only be held in port; symbolic ceremonies can be arranged at sea. Onboard weddings are normally performed in one of the ship’s lounges. Receptions are held on board in one of the ship’s lounges or restaurants. Onshore weddings are normally performed on a beach or at a garden location. Each port of call has unique locations. Ask a Crystal Celebrations Consultant if your location ashore has options for a reception.
  15. What are the wedding and event cancellation regulations?
    For a refund of an event or any additional enhancements, a written notice of cancellation must be sent to the Crystal Celebrations department no later than 60 days prior to sailing date. A full refund minus a $500 USD administration fee and marriage license fees will be issued. Marriage license and processing fees are non-refundable (if applicable). Any cancellations within 60 days of the cruise will be in full penalty and will receive no refund. Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP reserves the right at any time not to book or to cancel a wedding or event if Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP feels it will not be able to accommodate the couple’s needs or meet their expectations. In the event of strikes, lockouts, stoppages of labor, riots, weather conditions, mechanical difficulties or for any other reason whatsoever, Crystal Cruises and Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP have the right to cancel, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing or itinerary without prior notice. Crystal Cruises and Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP shall not be responsible for failure to adhere to published arrival and departure times for any ports of call. Crystal Cruises and Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP will not be liable for any loss whatsoever incurred by reason of such cancellation, advancement, postponement or deviation. Special note: The following services must be ordered and paid for 60 days prior to your sailing and are not eligible for a refund once confirmed with payment: ice sculptures, entertainment/ live musicians, custom floral orders and special transportation.
  16. What happens in case of a natural disaster?
    In the event that the ship cannot safely dock in your wedding port due to a hurricane, tropical storm or any other natural disaster, Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP will make every attempt to reschedule a symbolic ceremony or event for you either on board the ship or in another port of call. The ceremony may be symbolic due to the fact that we may not have enough time to obtain a new marriage license. Compensation will not be provided for either option nor will a refund be provided should the couple decide to decline either option. Crystal Celebrations/Imagine VIP strongly suggests the purchase of wedding insurance.
  17. Should I purchase wedding or event insurance?
    Crystal Celebrations Consultants can provide you with wedding or event insurance coverage and strongly suggests purchasing insurance to cover you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Contact a Crystal Celebrations Consultant today for details and pricing to cover your special day.

Wedding Information Only

  1. What if there are no wedding guests. Is there a more basic wedding package?
    All wedding packages were designed to accommodate the bride and groom only. Our packages were created to ensure a memorable wedding.
  2. How do I arrange the marriage license?
    Once the wedding has been reserved, Crystal Celebrations Consultants will send the bridal couple detailed marriage license requirements. Our office must receive all applications and appropriate documents 60 days prior to the sail date to avoid a late fee and ensure ample time to process the documents. Any paperwork submitted within 60 days prior to sailing will incur an additional $150 late fee. Please note that in some ports of call, the courts are closed on weekends as well as local and national holidays, and some may charge additional weekend or holiday fees. The marriage license must be presented to the Marriage Officiate prior to the ceremony. Please note that all licensing and holiday fees are non-refundable. Wedding couples who reside in Europe and will have their wedding performed outside of Europe may require an Apostille for an additional fee. The Apostille is verification from the United States government that the marriage license is a true and legal document. All couples should check with their local marriage bureau to see if this document is necessary for them to register the marriage in their country of residence. Please note, applicable sales tax is not included in the price.
  3. Is the wedding legal at all the port(s) of call?
    Please contact your Crystal Celebrations Consultant to discuss the legalities of each port of call. Some ports of call only allow symbolic ceremonies due to unique requirements. It is the couple’s responsibility to obtain a valid marriage license. If your Crystal Celebrations Consultant is arranging your marriage license, please review the appropriate marriage license guidelines.
  4. When will the final certified marriage license be sent out to the bridal couple?
    Most marriage licenses will be mailed directly from the court. Please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks (8 to 10 weeks for international mailing) after your ceremony to receive your certified marriage license. Please note, the original documents are not returned to bridal couple.
  5. Who performs the wedding ceremony?
    Legal ceremonies are performed by a non-denominational, approved government official. Symbolic ceremonies are performed by the ship’s captain when available. Ceremonies last approximately 15 minutes from processional to recessional.
  6. Is the ceremony a traditional ceremony?
    It is the bride and groom’s special wedding day, so you may make it as special as you would like. Crystal Celebrations allows officiates at each port of call to create special vows specific to their destination. If you would like to write your own vows, please submit the TYPED written vows no later than 45 days prior to the wedding. Please note that some ports require certain vows to be read by law. Ask a Crystal Celebrations Consultant for details.

    All weddings are approximately one hour in length including the ceremony, cake cutting, champagne toast and photo shoot. Traditional recorded wedding music is provided for the ceremony on a CD player.

    Please submit any special ceremony and reception requests in writing, such as custom vows, special music selections, announcements, photography shot lists, bridal party lists, toasts, traditions, etc., no later than 45 days prior to the wedding date.
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